How To Keep Cheese From Sticking To The Cheese Grater

The easiest hacks are obviously our favorites — and we're on a lifelong mission to memorize as many of those as possible. Knowing a trick like how to keep cheese from sticking to your grater when you're diligently grating your own for any number of macaroni and cheese recipes (or nacho recipes, it's your grated cheese) is particularly useful.

You know that cooking spray with the inexplicably greasy cap (even though you've never gotten the spray on the cap)? Give the grater, or better yet Microplane, a quick spritz, not heavy at all, then grate away and watch those velvety curls fall right into the bowl. A quick tap will quickly release any stragglers and the whole apparatus washes clean without mashing leftover cheese shreds into the blades. Here are a few recipes to test out this time-tested trick:

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