Play The Thai Street Food Guru Game!

The Bangkok Post published this comprehensive crash course in Thai street food. Well, we're treating it as a crash course because we don't know the answers to any of these questions! But thanks to the answer key, you too can be a master of the Thai grilled tubesteak nugget-thing (answer key sez: Isan-style sausage) and possess the knowledge to serve it with lettuce, ginger and chiles.

Once you've completed "which one of these is not a Thai street food?" and "the great garnish match-up challenge," move on to the crazy world of "what do they sell?" Careful, the first photo's pixelation makes it look like a platter full of...well, who even knows, right? The caption is also inconclusive. Answer key!

The spread wouldn't be complete without a who's-who from the Bangkok street food stand hall of fame. Who's hawking the best cow tongue, mantis shrimp and chicken noodles waiters risk their lives crossing the street to deliver to your table?

And just in case, here are 20 other reasons to love the food and drink of Thailand.

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