Rejoice! Portlandia Is Renewed. But With A Return To The Vegan Fart Patio?

Food has always been at the gooey, sometimes very awkward, center of hit IFC series Portlandia a sketch comedy show starring Saturday Night Live alum Fred Armisen, rock singer Carrie Brownstein (a very funny rock singer) and a range of special guests. SNL cheese Lorne Michaels is the executive producer.

This morning word has hit the Internet that the show has been renewed for a forth and fifth season. Which means, a possible return visit to the fart patio at the vegan restaurant?

"Portlandia has celebrated sustainable local agriculture, underemployment, avian crafting, gender politics, intense bicycle messengers and so much more," said Jennifer Caserta, president of IFC in a statement. "We can now celebrate two more seasons." And to celebrate the news, here are a couple of our favorite food-related sketches:

Outdoor Movie Being fully prepared for cinema under the stars.Remember The 90s? When everybody was pickling their own vegetables and making their own beer.