12 Ways To Craft The Perfect Waffle Sandwich

I am 100% sure I'm not the only person who has made a sandwich incorporating two frozen waffles when there was no bread around. I'm also sure I'm not the only one who thought it was really good. And not just in the case of a PB&J or bacon, egg and cheese. The crisp exterior and fluffy, sweet inside vaguely reminds me of a medianoche (which in the case of a waffle sandwich is all it takes) — or even toasted challah if I respect the sandwich concept properly. Plus, your sandwich will be warm and toasty, which is nice.

Respect the sandwich concept properly: if it didn't work on bread, it very likely won't work on waffles. Also, please don't microwave the waffle. This is a column about making lunch better. Some ideas:

So don't be afraid to pick up that 50-pack of waffles at Costco (and grab one of those awesome $5 rotisserie chickens while you're at it). Sandwich time just got a refresher.

And now, something totally irrelevent: Kessler Report columnist Jason Kessler and I were just discussing the fact that he's going back to Costco to get more $5 rotisserie chickens. I replied, assuming he was tired of eating chicken (he's not): "No parm, no fowl, man." He thought it was funny. These are the jokes food writers make in the morning.

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