Video: Epic Meal Time Has Stepped Up Their Game With A 50-Pound Grilled Cheese

Epic Meal Time is a Canadian cooking show that has in just a few years become a YouTube sensation, and possible TV spinoff. They are known for creating extremely high-calorie (and totally not what you'd ever want to eat) meals with colorful commentary that plays out like Bobby Flay-meets-Ali G. We've been following these guys for a while, but were particularly struck by the construction of this 68,128 calories, 50-pound grilled cheese sandwich. Without spoiling the play-by-play, the Franken-dish features: Crushed Doritos, PBR, deep-fried blocks of Cheddar ("Our cheese budget is your annual denim budget"), 40 double cheese burgers wrapped in a "custom" cheese blanket. Crucial line: "I like my women like I like my cheese, hot and wrapped in bacon."

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