Not A Joke: Turn Cheapo Domestic Beer Into A Hopped-Up Craft Brew In One...Drop?

You've seen ads for those little squirtable bottles of "water enhancer," right? They're obviously a vast improvement to water, nature's formula for KEEPING THINGS ALIVE. You know, with their superfruit...uh, flavors, and ability to conjure energy out of "nowhere." While we should all be able to agree that water can't really be improved upon outside of a light carbonation, beer is a whole different ballgame. There's plenty of terrible beer out there — flavorless, watery swill you're usually stuck drinking at your cheap friend's Super Bowl party. It all could use an upgrade of sorts.

Beverage manufacturer OnTap might have a solution. Maybe. They have released a so-called "beer enhancer" in two flavors: American Ale and Pale Ale. Check out the video from their Facebook page that kind of explains what's going on:

In case you can't tell, my face is frozen into something between a polite grimace and The Scream. Let's take this to a pro for conceptual analysis, because as far as we know, you simply can't cram the taste of great beer into a gluten, carb and calorie-free squirt bottle. Food Republic beer writer Jon Katz says:

"While I haven't tasted the product, it seems to be an incredible waste of money. It assumes that craft beer is expensive, which it's really not in this day and age. It's got 18 uses per bottle, so let's say you grab an 18-rack of your favorite macro for $12.99 and add the $4.99 enhancer on top of that. You can easily get two sixers of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for the same price, available in all 50 states, so no excuses!"

The beer man has spoken. Now we're going to get him to test that theory and get back to us.

Would you buy liquid beer enhancer "just in case?" Weigh in, that's what the comments section is for!

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