You Travel, You Eat: 15 Places To Visit This Summer For The Food Alone

We all do it. In the shower, at the brunch table with friends, while running on the treadmill. We escape from our day-to-day grind to ponder where we want to travel next. Away from reality and, now more than ever, where we'd like to explore the culture of food. We dream of the taco stands in Mexico City and the pizzerias of Naples. The barbecue pits in rural South Carolina and of sipping strong drinks near Ipanema in Brazil. The reality is that food has become the center of our travels. And what better time to book a trip (last minute or otherwise) to eat around Copenhagen or Memphis or Upstate New York or Prague than summer. Here are 15 destinations around the world — some on the path well traveled, some you may have never considered — where you're guaranteed a memorable holiday.