Did Guy Fieri Eat Pizza With Mario Batali At Roberta's Yesterday Afternoon?

A tweet from yesterday afternoon placed Batali and Fieri in Bushwick.

We were all minding our own business yesterday afternoon when we logged into Twitter and almost chocked on our torta (we were in Chicago). There was a tweet from Mario Batali announcing that he was having lunch at Roberta's with Guy Fieri. Some kind of hole to a parallel universe must have opened up. We know that Batali once dressed up at Guy for Halloween. We know that the citizens of Williamsburg Brooklyn freaked out when a comedian went around telling them that Guy was opening a restaurant there. So, what the hell was going on with the two of them together? Developing...

Update: Eater has photographic evidence of Sirs Batali and Fieri brunching in Bushwick like it's no big thing.