An Editor From Thrillist Drank 25 Shakes At Sonic And Got Really Bloated

Serious Eats pioneered the "we ate everything at" feature that has seen their iron-gulleted editorial staff tear through the menus at Chicago's Hot Doug's, Austin's East Side Kings, Cheesecake Factory and everything in the Coke Freestyle Machine. It's a flavor of story that is difficult to execute. You've got all those calories to deal with, and all those splashy photos of frozen sugar water to art direct! We've generally stayed on the sidelines to let Serious Eats, and copycats, go big.

And why here's another example. Thrillist, in which one of the website's hoodied editors hits up Sonic and samples every summer milk shake on the menu, for the love of god. By the time he gets to the Oreo Cheesecake ("definite lemon notes") he's feeling pretty confident. "Can't complain, these next 15 shakes are gonna be a breeze," writes Lee Breslouer. But by number 23, Chocolate Cream Pie, the brain freeze is fully locked in. "I wanna take a nap inside the sun," he says. Mr. Dude Breslouer, thank you for sacrificing your body in the name of...whatever, you got our click.

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Watch our editor taste-test EVERY SINGLE Sonic shake and slowly go mad [Thrillist]