Paula Deen: The New (Old) Face Of Butter

Smile for the camera, Paula Deen, you're on butter! Despite a much-publicized diagnosis of type-2 diabetes in January of 2012, Deen is releasing a line of "specialty butters," available exclusively at your local Walmart. Or you can buy other butter that's not a butter spread, cause it's healthier and goes in our nifty Japanese butter-grating gadget.

They're branded as finishing butters, meaning they go in a dish right before it's served (so, separate from the butter you're cooking everything in). And with five flavors: lemon and dill, European-style with sea salt, Southern grillin', garden herb and sweet citrus zest with honey, I can't think of a dish that couldn't be made better by swirling in a hefty glob of this stuff. Plus, "fresh from the garden taste" is just what I've been looking for in a butter product. "Sweet and deelish" is another. #lies

You can find her justification for this move forward on the back of the package:

"Y'all know we love our seasonings and butter, but just when you thought butter couldn't taste better...this takes butter to a new level bringing a great taste to a piece of toast, fresh vegetable or a steak or chicken before we start cooking or after. With the freshest flavors that I could find, my favorite butters take the average to the extraordinary."

Okeedoke. For more details, another Paula (at Eater) provided a thoroughly comprehesive analysis of this baffling development in the dairy world.

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