The Only Apparent Use For The Egg-Slicer Thing

I really hope someone's first thought was "I have another use for the eggs sliced with the egg-slicer thing!" The only other way I can imagine it would be useful would be on opposite day, when one extremely use-specific piece of kitchen crap can, and should, take up all that space and rattle around in whichever drawer it will never quite fit in.

Having hated enough on the gadget itself, let's move onto what it is good for: slicing eggs for sandwiches! A while back we did a Sandwich of the Week feature on Portland, OR sandwicherie Meat Cheese Bread's green bean sandwich. On top of a layer of crisp grilled green beans sits bacon relish, parmesan cheese, aioli and, yes, a crown of sliced hard-boiled eggs. Well, not hard-boiled. A perfect boiled egg should never actually feel hard, and the yolk should be bright yellow and creamy, not pale and crumbly.

Optional: a lengthy soak in kimchi juice. Try them on the following sandwiches, or any other where an egg makes sense.

So if you're going to keep the thing around, use it. Sandwich-craftery is a skill that requires constant honing.

Oh! A kiwi! Maybe it would slice a peeled kiwi! Okay, new mid-morning activity.

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