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Seville is a charming, colorful and uniquely beautiful city. Some describe it as the Paris of Spain, and others as the treasure of Andalucía. Though the world may argue what to call Seville, it is widely recognized as one of the best cities to dine in Spain. More about the city's bustling food scene and five restaurants recommendations, after the jump.

As the fourth largest city in Spain (after Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia), Seville hosts a diverse yet highly authentic food culture. There are just as many upscale restaurants to be found as cozy nooks with an old Spanish gentleman behind the bar (not to mention an affordable bill). Like much of Spain, Seville specializes in tapas. While the city is full of traditional restaurants, a handful of newer establishments have embraced the idea of “modern tapas.” Here are five recommended places. 

  1. Taberna Macuro
    Located in the residential neighborhood of Los Remedios, this modern tapas restaurant is one of the more popular spots in town. You can expect a mix of sixty-something Sevillanos and American study-abroad students enjoying dishes like salmon tartare with mango (a must have) and various dips, including guacamole and hummus. Rosario Vega 10, 954-284-685
  2. ConTenedor
    There is a fiercely loyal following of the hip ConTenedor — many of whom claim it to be the best meal they have had in Seville. Located in the alternative neighborhood La Alameda, it is somewhat more upscale (and pricier) than the other options on here and offers a seasonally changing menu — the crispy rice with duck is exceptional — and some hard to find Spanish wines. The inside features a view of the kitchen and the décor is the perfect combination of funky and tasteful. Calle San Luis 50, 954-916-333
  3. Taberna Los Coloniales
    Taberna Los Coloniales is undoubtedly the best place to experience traditional tapas in the city. You can expect a strictly Sevillan experience, with top-notch food and a reasonable bill. The Jámon ibérico and fried eggplant with honey are the specialties, as is the chicken with almond sauce — portions also tend to be on the larger side here, always a plus. Los Coloniales has been around forever (as have its servers and bartenders). Head to the more storied of the restaurant's two locations, on Plaza del Cristo de Burgos. Plaza del Cristo de Burgos 19, 954-501-137
  4. Taberna El Panduro
    Co-owner Tomás will greet you with a huge smile when you enter, but won’t be able to chat for long because Panduro is always packed and bustling. It is a tiny spot, filled with locals and with its menu written on the wall. The whole place has a lot of character, and it is a wonderful choice for affordable, modern tapas. Go for the famous solomillo plate or the green risotto and be sure to pair the latter with the white wine of the day. Dona Maria Coronel 17, 954-045-751
  5. Extraverde
    Located in the city’s most charming plaza (there is even a flute player!) Extraverde offers an olive oil tasting in addition to a memorable lunch. The quaint bar is ideal for experiencing well-priced savory and inventive tapas – the typical cold and creamy Andalucían salmorejo purée is topped delicately with bonito flakes and a chopped prawn. Should you love olive oil, prepare yourself for a treat, as you can taste from some of the best products made right in Seville — yes, you really will be able to tell the difference between them! You can also take some home as gifts from the shop inside. Plaza de Dona Elvira 8, 954-218-417

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