Some Things Are Better Stuffed In An Avocado

I've loved this Tumblr for a long time — Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things — simply because it warms my heart. Look how happy those two objects seem to be together. I wanted to apply that sentiment to lunch today with a food made for putting other foods in it: a halved avocado. The little indent from the pit seems to say "look, nature even started it for you!" Scoop out a few layers underneath, add the flesh to whatever you're stuffing the avocado with, stuff sky-high, then plastic-wrap that thing and take it to the office.

I didn't pack this for lunch, because I decided when I woke up I wanted Chipotle for lunch. But, tomorrow, totally.

So at the height of avocado season (around April – October), when they're cheap and ripen quickly with the extra heat and sunlight, plunk down a buck or so and pick not one but TWO lunches from the following list of avocado-friendly stuffings:

And any of the recipes from the last time I realized stuffed avocados were the best thing, ever. Maybe I'll just start serving everything in avocados. Sorbet might be nice, depending on the flavor. Salsa just makes sense. And with all the avocado skins left over, I can finally finish that quilt.

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