Charlotte, NC: Eat For Free At IKEA (And Tack Så Mycket For Making The Trip Out!)

IKEA shoppers of Charlotte, NC, rejoice! There has never been a better month to live in the Tar Heel State and require cheap, kind of easy-to-put-together furniture. For the entire month of June, Thursdays and Saturdays, if you spend $150, you eat for free.

But what if you don't need a new Fjolla bed and your Pattar bookcase is serving you just fine? Folks, we're talking free IKEA meatballs here, certified horse-free (maybe), so find a way to get your total past the $150 mark and chow down. We've done some equivalent research for you:

  • 2 Sultan florvåg mattresses
  • 8 mini-greenhouses
  • 15 of those sheepskin rugs your dog gets possessive over. Who's king of the sheepskin now!?
  • 30 of these very creepy owl puppets.
  • or 625 tea light candles, cause then you have them.

Oh and if you drag Dad to IKEA on Father's Day, you're a horrible son or daughter, but he eats breakfast for free.

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