We Found A Website That Will Instantly Judge The Beer You Are Drinking

Over the past couple of years we've seen the popularity of craft beer absolutely explode before our hop-ily dilated eyes. This 10 craft beers in a can story we published earlier in the spring went sorta bananas on Facebook. And many of you agreed (and disagreed) with our 15 craft beers to drink during Memorial Day. Btw, we're so behind the 21st Amendment Brewery: Bitter American. And, crazy enough, our office workspace now serves craft beer on tap all summer long, so please pardon the occasional typos.

Basically, craft beer is taking over the universe. Yet, the bottom line for all this attention is simple. A simple question will face you at the backyard barbecue and at the summer house party. It will face you at your neighborhood bottle shop or at the big-box grocery story that undoubtedly has stepped up their craft beer game.

Should you drink the beer?

Now, a website has sprouted from the earth to answer the question. Succinctly. In the style of our friends at Thug Kitchen.

Behold: Shouldidrinkthisfuckingbeer.com

The single-topic site was created by an anonymous "fan of good beer" who really wants to see the stuff thrive — urging readers to support local craft breweries instead of "reaching for some piss beer."

The website's concept is simple. Hell, you can use it while really drunk. Click the link. Type the name of the beer you are thinking about drinking. If you pick, say, Headwaters Pale Ale or Rogue Farms Oregasmic Ale, then you receive approval. If you type in something that isn't up to craft beer's higher standards, then you are playfully (if vulgarly) scorned — but, more importantly, offered an alternative.

The website doesn't appear to prefer a particular region of the United States (sorry United Kingdom and beyond). We spotted picks from Bell's, Harpoon and Bear Republic. And one thing is clear to the site's curator, as noted in the About section. "Fuck You, InBev."

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