Apparently There Are Exactly 6 Ways To Fry The Perfect Egg

Let's be honest here for a minute. We've all been kept up at night — plagued by one of life's eternal questions: How many ways are there to fry a perfect egg? Well, according to our dudes at Lifehacker, we may finally have our answer: six.

The website claims that fried eggs are a very personal matter — we have to agree with them on this one and take a second to plug our very own step-by-step guide. With frying styles ranging from "Take No Prisoners" to "The More Oil, the Better," Lifehacker certainly establishes itself as the most zealous egg cooker we have encountered in some time.

They provide a key with each cooking method that offers information regarding the texture and flavor of the finished products' bottoms, edges and yolks. But are there really substantial differences in these categories based on somewhat miniscule technique varieties?

Now that we've got a weekend project outlined for us, we'll flip the switch and ask you, our readers: Are there multiple ways to fry an egg "perfectly"? Any approaches you've mastered that produce a superb result? Let us know in the comments.

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