Canada's New $100 Bill Smells Like WHAT?!

From the wild and wacky world of Canadian delicacies: our neighbors to the north appear to have an awesome problem, like too much hockey. According to The Canadian Press, the recently released new $100 bill has retained the smell of maple syrup from...where? The notes are made of plastic, not paper, so you can't even praise to the proud maple tree for this incident where absolutely nobody loses.

Bank officials have repeatedly denied that any such addition was made to the new bills, but citizens have been reporting in droves that the pot appears to have been sweetened. The money pot, not the pot-pot, as popular as pot is up there.

"They all have a scent which I'd say smells like maple? Please advise if this is normal?" wrote one reader.

"I strongly suggest the Bank increases the strength of the ... maple smell," wrote another, in apparent approval.

Now we just need to up the ante with a new Cronut-scented Benjamin and we should be all square in the global contest for whose money smells the best. It's come down to that.

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