Sly Fox 360 Removable Beer Lid: Canned In NYC

Those pesky New York State liquor laws are at it again, this time pulling the lid out from under our beer. Remember that really cool "360 Lid" design for the Sly Fox Brewing Company cans we told you about a few months ago? It's already a hit in Pennsylvania, but it's not going to be coming to New York State anytime soon.

While most of the Sly Fox lineup has been available in cans around New York for several years, the design of the new "360 Lid" can aimed to revolutionize the canned beer experience. Similar to the way pull-tab cans used to work, the entire top can be completely removed, allowing the consumer to experience flavor and smell similar to drinking from a glass. No stranger to innovation, back in 2006, Sly Fox Brewing Company became the first craft brewery with a canning line in the Mid-Atlantic region. Unfortunately, the law that effectively put the pull tab out to pasture in the early 1980s is preventing the "360 Lid" from making its anticipated debut in New York.

The can is illegal under New York State Environmental Conservation Law Section 2 7-1011(2), which was created to ban the old pull-tab design both for environmental reasons (it wasn't biodegradable) and safety reasons (imagine stepping on a sharp metal top on the beach. Ouch!). Fortunately, both beers in the "360 Lid" lineup, Helles Golden Lager and 2007 GABF Gold Medal Winner, Pikeland Pils, are available in regular cans, too. Both are a great bet for a low ABV summer go-to, so even if we can't enjoy their new design (at least not in NY), we can still enjoy their excellent craft beer.

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