Check Out These Hand-Crafted Wooden Kitchen Knives

With all the bells and whistles of modern kitchen gadgetry these days, simple streamlined design can seem like a rather novel approach. Designer Andrea Ponti's new, all-wood "Fusion" knife collection is the perfect embodiment of that pared-down philosophy. His minimalist design marries with exacting technical craftsmanship for one of the boldest sets of blades we've seen yet.

Ponti (Italian-born, but now based in Japan) created the knives in collaboration with Issei Hanaoka, who handcrafted the limited-edition collection from his studio in Kyoto. Available in two styles — a serrated edge that's ideal for slicing bread and a non-serrated edge for cheese, fruits and desserts — each in ebony and blonde maple. And while they may look like strictly conversaton pieces, these blades are meant to be used. Each knife comes with its own sharpener, which Ponti describes as working just like any other typical knife sharpener.

Available for approximately $116-$174 through Ponti's website.

Each knife is handmade in Kyoto by the Japanese artist and craftsman Issei Hanaoka.[/caption]
Get one (or two) before they're gone! Ponti's limited edition "Fusion Knives" are available in two styles: serrated and non-serrated, each in ebony or blonde maple wood (prices range from approx. $116-$174 each).[/caption]
Each knife comes with its own wooden sharpener; according to Ponti, the sharpening process is the same as with any average knife.[/caption]