Kickstart This: Short Stack Is Another Refreshingly Cool D.I.Y Cookbook Project

Are we entering the era of the D.I.Y. cookbook? We first told you about Middlewest, a Chicago-based production that produces each issue of their "magazine" as a series of recipe cards. And now comes word of Short Stack — a small-format publication edited by Nick Fauchald (formerly of Food & Wine and Tasting Table). He's lauching with three "stacks" — short recipe books inspired by a single ingredient. The series is currently trying to raise $50,000 in 30 days – ending June 16 – via Kickstarter. And, gosh, you really should fund it.

New to Kickstarter? It's the world's largest funding platform for creative projects, allowing users to outline projects, along with a requested total donation amount from visitors, who are often able to give as little as $1. Bigger funders are rewarded with perks, such as exclusive free samples of products and invitations to private gatherings. Ideas are only funded if the required amount is reached by a set time, and users get their money back if the goal is not attained.

Short Stack is attempting to fund the printing and distribution of the first three volumes in the series – Eggs, Strawberries and Tomatoes – and pay the first three authors for their work. In addition to original recipes and illustrations, the books contain sourcing and cooking tips, and are printed locally on the highest quality paper and card stock. Short Stack hopes to be an ongoing publication, planning new volumes on an increasingly frequent basis and eventually selling subscriptions.

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