The Art Of Pairing Potato Chips With Sandwiches

Just in case you think all we do is sit here typing and talking about which potato chips pair best with certain sandwiches, you are correct. And sometimes we go on boats for rum contests which begin in seasickness, then predictably enough, end in cocktails, mini lobster rolls and THEN, inexplicably, Shake Shack. We do have our adventures. But when we're focusing our energies at the vast and expansive in-house Food Republic What To Eat For Lunch laboratories, the topic of potato chips with regards to sandwiches is valid, always timely and never ends in tears.

We all agree that it is permissible — and even encouraged in many circles — to add a layer of potato chips to your sandwich before digging in. This became especially relevant having received a shipment of Lays' new flavors they let America choose (lazy bastards), because sriracha chips, like their crazy-famous namesake sauce, go on more or less everything — even if they could be significantly more infused with sriracha goodness. Seriously Lays, go nuts. Lay it on us. People actually truly really do like sriracha, in case you good folks have never been to a food truck.

Potato Chip/Sandwich Pairing Ideas:

  • Sriracha chips in a banh mi
  • Sweet onion chips in a grilled cheese
  • Salt and vinegar chips in a fried fish sandwich
  • Barbecue chips in a turkey sandwich (preferably a turkey club)
  • Sour cream and onion in a roast beef sandwich with a lot of horseradish sauce
  • Magic Masala in a naanwich (a lot of Indian grocery stores have these Lays cracktastic variations)
  • Dill pickle in a Reuben
  • Honey mustard in a fried chicken sandwich

So next time you're in the snack aisle staring down 50 flavors of chips, take a moment to think about your future sandwiches and whether you can add one more layer of flavor — remember, there are no insignificant flavor layers — and definitely try the new sriracha Lays because you support democracy. Did I get that right?

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