Here Is A French Press Made From A Mason Jar

As simple as the design seems, the Portland Press required no fewer than eight different material sources and manufacturers—all based in the US.[/caption]
Press prototypes: Bucket is currently asking for funding on the open-funding site Crowd Supply through June 14. If you wanna get your hands one of these jar and cozy combos, ante up.[/caption]

Designed by the Oregon-based company Bucket, the Portland Press is a French press-style coffee maker that utilizes a Mason jar as its carafe. According to Bucket's co-founders Bryan Kappa and Rob Story, the jar is an intentional component of the Portland Press' design for two reasons. First, those thick-walled jars are far more durable than the ones that come with your typical French press (chances are, we've all dealt with one or two that have cracked); and secondly, should there ever be an issue with the jar itself, it's easily replaceable.

The press and its cups also include grey wool cozies for maintaining heat. A mason-jar-wool-cozy combo certainly runs the risk of Portlandia associations — what, no bird pattern on the cozies?!? But the Portland Press, made with Eastern hard rock wood and wool sourced from a local farm, deserves major credit for being an all-American, Oregon-manufactured product (chances are, your current French press is not).

Bucket is currently accepting funding for the press ($99) and cups ($49 per pair) on Crowd Supply through June 14. Let's help them make this boldly brewed dream a reality.