Seriously, Cook Your Lunch On A Grill Pan

We're at the Grilling Month halfway point, which means training season is over and it's time to step up your game. Dinner is not enough — it's time to grill for lunch. My estimations indicate that most of us do not have appropriate grilling facilities at our offices. If you do, where do you even work and are you hiring lunch-based columnists? And if you don't, break out the grill pan, bring a lunch you grilled yourself and finish up the month strong. Memorial Day is around the corner, and grillmaster = you.

With a nice hot grill pan, any of the following lunches can pass the Grilling Month lunch test. Tomorrow, we're boarding a boat. More on that Friday, unless I drown. But yes, grill these lunches:

Become the best of friends with this crucial piece of kitchen equipment. Don't wait until your barbecue gets rained out, treat the grill pan nicely and show it you care by grilling things that don't even need grilling, like bacon. Or romaine wedges. Or jalapeños before they go in your guacamole. Catching my drift here?

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