NYC: Here's A Bar That'll Have You Dizzy Before Your First Drink

Frieze Art Fair may have rolled in and out of NYC last weekend, but for the next three months you can take in some crazy visuals at Bar Oppenheimer, Tobias Rehberger's temporary installation in west Chelsea's Hôtel Americano.

Rehberger's large-scale exhibition, a dizzying spectacle cast in warped black and white stripes, actually doubles as a fully functioning bar. It's a "second edition" to the original Bar Oppenheimer in Rehberger's hometown of Frankfurt, Germany.

Although his vision is faithful to the original bar, artistic license (most notably in the form of those trippy stripes) was taken to reimagine the space and its objects in a way that's familiar and unfamiliar to both newcomers and anyone who's patronized the Frankfurt location. Whether or not you've already been to the original, here's one more reason to make NYC's Chelsea a destination this summer.

Turn your art crawl into a bar crawl at West Chelsea's Americano, where Bar Oppenheimer has been installed for the next three months.[/caption]
German artist Tobias Rehberger is known for his large-scale art installations, environments created to alter our sense of everyday objects and familiar settings.[/caption]
Room with a view: Even without windows or rooftop vistas, the downstairs space offers plenty of visuals.[/caption]

Bar Oppenheimer at Hôtel Americano, 518 West 27th St., New York, NY,