Today's Snacktime: It's One Banana, Michael. What Could It Cost, $10?

Now you don't have to call it the OC, cause Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand has left the Orange for the Apple. Wow, that's too many fruits. Yes, tipped off by a friend who's just as unabashedly obsessed with Arrested Development as I am, I'll be getting a GOB (GOB!) on my snack break today — a crane dropped them off right over by Rockefeller Center. That's a lie: I don't know if they were that true to form. And hey, why isn't the GOB on the menu, guy? Looks I'll have to supplement my double-dip with an ice cream sandwich and animation rights.

Other food references I'm pretty sure they're not actually peddling: vodka rocks and toast, boil-in-bag dinners and of course, the Skip Scramble. Apologies to those looking for their frozen dove fix, you're fresh out of luck. So pop a euphorazine before you Segway over there, cause that line is going to be craa-aa-aazy long, and accept the not-so-sweet fact that Mother was right: one banana could cost $10. But I think that factors in the Instagram opportunity of a lifetime. Hurry over, because this offer comes off the table at midnight. Or 6 p.m.

Follow the stand around until the premiere (of Canada, who's dating my gym teacher), May 26th. We'll meet you down by the big yellow joint.

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