For Discreet Sipping, How About This Mobile Phone Flask

While we typically rip on those dudes who go around carrying multiple phones, here's a good reason to double-fist: the iFlask. It's a polyethylene and polycarbonate flask, designed to resemble your average smart phone. Consider it an essential, non-digital lifeline to summer fun. The slim, pocket-sized "phone" was designed by smarties Dan Novaes and Ethan Hou and can hold 5 oz of your favorite liquor or spirit — which you sip from an opening in the headphone jack. There's also a useful bottle opener on the back side. Dan and Ethan, you thought of everything! When it comes to clandestine drinking, those are about all the bells and whistles you need.

Following a successful Kickstarter-funded campaign, the phone's currently available for purchase (shipping later this month), either on its own or as part of a kit that includes a collapsible key chain shot glass.

Hou and Novaes' design features a sliding "headphone jack" button to sip from, along with a bottle opener on the back side. [/caption]
Every phone flask comes with a collapsible funnel; also available in a kit, the iFlask comes with a sleek metal shot glass that collapses into a key chain.[/caption]