Here Are The 25 Top 'Mom-Friendly' Dining Cities In The U.S.

Mother's Day is this weekend! Should this statement have caught you by complete surprise, rest assured that exactly one half of Food Republic's staff had no idea either. On Sunday, more families will pack into restaurants hawking overpriced special prix fixe brunch menus than on any other day of the year. OpenTable is here to help, providing us with their list of the top 25 "mom-friendly dining cities" in the country.

So just how did the online reservationists come up with the rankings? Well, the index was calculated using four variables: the percentage of people who dined out for Mother's Day; the percentage of restaurants rated "kid-friendly" according to OpenTable diner reviews; the percentage of restaurants rated "romantic" according to OpenTable diner reviews; and the percentage of restaurants rated "hot spots" according to OpenTable diner reviews. Simple enough for you? And don't worry. We still say you can take your special someone out for a nice meal, even if you just came to the sudden realization that your city is not very "mom-friendly."

One more thing. Complaints? Comment away!

Top 25 Mom-friendly Cities for Dining in the U.S:

1. Long Beach, California

2. Tampa, Florida

3. Boulder, Colorado

4. Dallas, Texas

5. Austin, Texas

6. Columbus, Ohio

7. Raleigh, North Carolina

8. Houston, Texas

9. Charlotte, North Carolina

10. Las Vegas, Nevada

11. Scottsdale, Arizona

12. San Diego, California

13. Brooklyn, New York

14. Atlanta, Georgia

15. Honolulu, Hawaii

16. Kansas City, Missouri

17. Santa Monica, California

18. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

19. Orlando, Florida

20. Denver, Colorado

21. Seattle, Washington

22. Cincinnati, Ohio

23. Baltimore, Maryland

24. Minneapolis, Minnesota

25. Los Angeles, California