Design We're Feeling: A Yolk-Separating Whisk

For ages, the humble whisk has fulfilled a basic culinary function as a manual tool for whipping eggs and cream and sauces, making it one of the few utensils you'll find in even the barest of kitchens. And unless you've beaten yours to submission, chances are you haven't had a reason to buy a new one — until now.

Whisk', designed by Ivan Zhang, the principal behind A'postrophe Design, is a whisk that doubly functions as an egg yolk separator. In his simple but smart update on the standard-bearing whisk's shape, Zhang's model features a dip in the head's wiring that catches the yolk while letting the white slide through.

The handle's design also gets a thoughtful reworking: slightly flattened on one side, it won't roll off a table or countertop, and rests easily on a bowl's top so you can devote both hands to cracking eggs. Why didn't someone think of this sooner?

Egg-white omelets? Hollandaise sauce, anyone? Zhang's newly redesigned Whisk' takes on multifunctionality with a dip in the wiring to catch and separate egg yolks from the whites.[/caption]
With its slightly flattened handle side, the whisk rests on a bowl or flat surface, freeing up your hands to crack open some eggs.[/caption]