Tovolo Gift Pack Giveaway

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Name: Tovolo Gift Pack


Value:: $252.00

Tovolo's team of Designers bring world class creativity to an environment constantly humming with new idea generation. Combine this with their love of cooking and they are certain to deliver the freshest concepts. Something as simple as a silicone spatula moves them to create the perfect experience for their customers. Tovolo obsesses over every detail to ensure that their spatula will out-perform expectations. However, performance alone is not enough, they want to put a smile on their customer's face as well. Whether it is their Spatulart® silicone spatulas or their assortment of frozen pop molds, they strive to add a colorful element of fun to each of our items to do just that.

Tovolo's goal is for their kitchen tools to outperform anything else on the market. Add their vibrant color selection and it translates to Seriously Awesome fun in your kitchen.

The gift pack includes:

  • Glory Spatulart Spatula
  • Mini Stars and Stripes Spatulart Spatulas
  • 2 Clean Flip BBQ Trays
  • Twist-Lock Corn Holders
  • 2 sets of Steadysticks Wine Glass Holders $11 each
  • Countertop Citrus Reamers
  • 2 sets of Colossal Cube Molds
  • 2 Sandwich Shapers
  • 4 Petite Pie Molds
  • Jewel Pop Molds
  • Tilt-up Ice Cream Scoop
  • Tip Top Tongs
  • Pop Up Peeler
  • Set of 3 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

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