This Waffle Is Made Of Cheese. Syrup Called. It Doesn't Know What To Do.

Leave it to DudeFoods, home of the butter-stuffed mashed potato bite, to create a waffle made entirely of cheese. Well it's not exactly made out of cheese, it was cheese to begin with. A very special cheese. A cheese you can wafflize.

Leipäjuusto or "bread cheese" is a firm, mild cheese that's seared before packaging and then cooked again before eating. Its texture is similar to halloumi, but due to the nice crisp sear it tastes (and feels) more like a grilled cheese sandwich. In fact, DudeFoods has used it instead of bread to make an all-cheese grilled cheese sandwich. But back to this waffle thing.

Simply preheat your waffle iron (provided it's not designed to churn out hearts or Mickeys), drop in bread cheese sliced lengthwise into two slabs, close and let sit for 45 seconds. Voilà, breakfast-shaped dairy product. And believe it or not, it's our new favorite thing to pour maple syrup on. Judge not until you wafflize.

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