Our Office Location Is Absolutely Perfect For Lunch. Here's Why...

Ahhh, New York City. Take it in. On our way to the office, we push past the fluorescent parka-wearing Empire State Building guys inexplicably asking us, with our headphones, sunglasses and strategic avoidance of standing-and-staring tourists, if we're going up today. In fact, we are. But not quite in the building itself. Really close, though.

The location of our office is awesome for lunch, and I think that's part of the reason I've never experienced lunch fatigue as long as I've worked here. None of us have, actually. We work in a rare oasis of "absolutely everything you could possibly want," and it makes me want to write about lunch forever. Or at least until we get a baller office in Chelsea or something. Maybe DUMBO. Nah, that'd take forever for me to get to. Chinatown. Then we could join that other food website in obsessing over soup dumplings and custard tarts every day. That'd be original. Ooh, we like beef tendon. No guys, we do.

Anyway, kvetch as I might about the foot traffic and that time I got run over by a bike rickshaw, I really like eating lunch in this neighborhood. Here's why, all within three blocks.

That said, I've been writing this column for two years. And unless we move our office to the Upper East Side, which seems highly unlikely bordering on simply ludicrous if only from a lunch standpoint, I'll probably write it for two more. We have our priorities straight.

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