Welcome To Food Republic's Third Annual Grilling Month!

Let's face it, food tastes better when it comes off the grill. Which is why, every May, we get geared up for the warmer months and present Food Republic Grilling Month. It's been a labor of love for our editors, who've come to appreciate smoke, fire and sauce (Shhh, don't tell our friends in Texas), not to mention marinades, rubs, pre-mixed cocktails, seasonal craft beers — we could go on and on.

And we will. What should you expect over the next 31 days of Grilling Month? Like, delicious recipes to inspire you to try new things on the grill? Yup. Plus, a return of the Grilling Gods, where we hit up our professional and celeb-chef friends for expert advice that we can apply over our own coals (or wood, or gas-fed flames). Crazy, out-there sides from associate editor Jess Kapadia, who last May gave us the Cobb Macaroni Salad — because sometimes your barbecue sides should have bacon in 'em. And lots of advice for everyone from the novice griller to the seasoned expert, including what to drink (like our Basic Guide To Pairing Beer and BBQ).

Last but not least, we're running a pretty massive contest, The Great Grilling Month Giveaway, featuring prizes that will you on your way to having an all-star season behind the grill.

We'll be back later today with serious advice from Dallas, Texas chef and restaurateur Tim Byres, who we interviewed over a live fire during Austin FOOD & WINE Festival last week, and we'll have new grilling-related stories going up every day amid the usual Food Republic bill of fare, so come back early and often. And get ready to grill!