New Recipes This Week: Bacon And Egg Fried Rice, Caramel Cake, Okra Soup, Caponata

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I'll never understand why toast is the official companion of bacon and eggs when spicy fried rice exists. Or tortillas. Or grits. Basically, toast needs to take a step back. Speaking of great staff meals like eggs and bacon with spicy fried rice, Family Table has to be one of our favorite books of the spring. It's not just a cookbook, it's a revolution. We'd go to Union Square Café just for that incredible fried chicken the staff is eating...but now we know how to make it.

Also this week, a complex but entirely worth it caramel cake via South Carolina (but you can't have any until you finish your okra soup), Italian comfort food two ways and a beautiful farm-to-table salad for the radishes you should be picking up in season right around now. Enjoy our new recipes!