Hack Of The Day: Citrus Seltzer

You can squeeze a little lemon or orange juice into your seltzer, but it still won't taste like citrus-flavored seltzer out of the bottle. It'll taste like very weak soda and look kind of cloudy and gross. You want the essence, not the juice. Grab a grapefruit and heed my word.

Oranges, grapefruits and pomelos are more effective for this application because you can easily peel off the whole rind and use large pieces, but a lemon or lime will work if you take off the skin in large strips using a vegetable peeler. Take a piece of peel, hold it over an empty glass and twist firmly with both hands, like you would over a cocktail (flamed or not, your choice). The oils expressed settle on the sides and bottom of the glass and flavor the carbonated water you pour in. Plus, no annoying lemon slice making the seltzer all hard to drink without a straw.

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