Introducing The Incredible, Edible...Spoon?

Something to consider the next time you pick up a plastic spoon or fork on your way out of the deli: Depending on the conditions, plastic utensils can take anywhere from 20 to 1,000 years to decompose. While we've been seeing all kinds of compostable and biodegradable new products entering the market, nothing quite stands up to a spoon you don't even have to discard. Instead, you eat it. Huh?

The Edible Spoon, designed by the Brooklyn-based design and branding firm Triangle Tree is a new, patent-pending spoon composed primarily from corn and whole wheat flours, along with herbs and spices, in three flavors: plain, spicy and sweet. Just off the top of our heads, the sweet could be ideal for morning bowls of oatmeal on-the-go, while the spicy flavor might pair well with chili, soups and other stews. In this age of excessive consumption and overdoing it, this is one of those few times we'll actually encourage eating more to waste less.

The Edible Spoon, currently patent-pending, will come in three flavors: regular, sweet and spicy.[/caption]
The designers at Triangle Tree created a ridged back to allow for pieces to break apart easily.[/caption]