Is Camel Milk The Next Big Food Craze?

For centuries, people living in the area now known as United Arab Emirates have consumed camel milk for its nutritional benefits (it's supposed to fight cancer) and ability to refresh in the parching Arabian desert heat. With less fat than whole cow's milk, the consistency is similar to skim, but with an after taste that is described by some as "sharp." But we wouldn't know — the stuff is nearly impossibly to find in the United States. (We're pretty sure the Busch Gardens camel ride doesn't serve it as a post-canter refreshment).

But now word comes in on the camel wire that a company called Camelicious will start to market the product in the States (as well as Japan, Korea and the United Kingdom). A visit to the company website (warning: Los Angeles hotel lobby music awaits), reveals a product with numerous benefits: 1. There are no known allergies to camel milk. 2. Camel milk closest resembles human milk, so it's great for babies. 3. You can drink a lot of it because it "won't make you feel bloated." There is also talk of potential "psychological benefits" — but they wont go as far to say that you can trip balls in the dessert on the stuff. Anyways, we're exicted to integrate this stuff into our morning cortado.

Here's a video from the AP with some serious camel milking action: