Quiz: Weed Or Smoothie?

It's almost April 20th, the most enthusiastically hungry day of the year! Here's a fun game we can all enjoy: weed or smoothie? It's come to my attention that the names of smoothies at juice places sound remarkably similar to strains of ganj...uh...varieties of marijuana. That I've heard mentioned on TV. My friend's TV.

Anyhoozle, test your weed and frothy beverage knowledge and see if you can tell which fruity concoction is a smoothie from a big juice chain, and which one gets rolled into a doob. Bet you can't. But to be perfectly honest, there's no need to pit one against another — they go together really nicely.

  1. Island Impact
  2. Celestial Cherry High
  3. Fruitylicious
  4. Blue Earth Berry
  5. Strawberry Xtreme
  6. Hercules
  7. Orange Crush
  8. South Pacific Squeeze
  9. Sunshine Day
  10. Cherry Fuel
  11. Screamsicle
  12. Mango Jerry

If you got four or more right, you're probably high.

pǝǝʍ ˙ᄅƖ ǝıɥʇooɯs ˙ƖƖ pǝǝʍ ˙0Ɩ ǝıɥʇooɯs ˙6 ǝıɥʇooɯs ˙8 pǝǝʍ ˙ㄥ ɥʇoq ˙9 ǝıɥʇooɯs ˙ϛ ǝıɥʇooɯs ˙ㄣ pǝǝʍ ˙Ɛ ǝıɥʇooɯs ˙ᄅ ǝıɥʇooɯs ˙Ɩ

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