A Museum Exhibit For 3 Things Italy Does Well: Food, Art And Design

When jetting over to Italy, there are many things to get psyched about. How about we list three: Food, art and design. A current exhibition at the Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto in the northern city of Rovereto (aka MART) brings the best of the three under one roof for a cultural triple whammy. The Food Project: The Shape of Taste blends industrial, product and experimental design with food in an innovative series of creative interpretations by artists, designers and architects from all corners of the globe including Marcel Wanders, Enzo Mari, Bompas & Parr and Philippe Starck.

The show consists of several thematic sections, starting with an examination of the architectural, deliberately-constructed nature of foods that are culinary trademarks to certain countries and their cultures (sushi, lasagne, or strudel, for example) and ending with a glimpse at the potential future of gastronomy — square-shaped eggs, anyone? Check out ten of our favorite images from the collection, below.

The Food Project: The Shape of Food is ongoing at MART through June 2nd.