Somebody Ranked 25 Noodle Types From Worst To First. We Provide Some Recipes.

Have you always thought that rotelle (those little wheelie thingies) are nothing more than baby food? Apparently, you're not alone. BuzzFeed just dropped their "definitive" noodle rankings, complete with a numbered countdown of 25 different shapes of pasta. Leading the way are spaghetti, orechiette and soba — while angel hair, fettucine and poor udon takes the bottom spots.

The article asserts that eating alphabet pasta in Italy IS PUNISHABLE BY DEATH and that THE 99% AND 1% BOTH LOVE RAMEN. WILL IT UNITE AMERICA? ONLY TIME WILL TELL. Yes, BuzzFeed did indeed find the need to follow an all-caps format, which brings out the ire of several foul-mouthed individuals in the comments section. Then again, there's nothing quite like ranking ravioli ahead of papparadelle to incite a little anger on a Wednesday afternoon. Check out 10 of our most popular pasta recipes below and be sure to direct your ALL-CAPS opinions to the comments secton.

Try out these pasta recipes for dinner tonight on Food Republic: