Video: Truckers In The Wild Heads To Nashville

Truckers in the Wild is one of our favorite new shows over here at Food Republic. In the six-part series on VICE, New York City chefs and cookbook authors Max and Eli Sussman – the latter of whom is the author of our Ad Snacking column – explore the food truck scenes in vastly different culinary cities across the country. In addition to trying out the food that the trucks have to offer, the brothers drive with them to places "out of their comfort zones" to see how their menus stand up in completely unnatural environments.

In the latest episode, Max and Eli check out a BBQ-serving fire truck in Nashville, taking the crew to rural Tennessee to see how the trendy food fares next to ultra-traditional Southern cooking. They also "go to rural Nashville to go squirrel hunting," which they claim may be the weirdest sentence they've ever uttered.

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