Major Lasers! Check Out This Badass Set Of Laser-Cut Rolling Pins.

It's not exactly the flashiest or high-tech of kitchen tools, but the humble rolling pin is an integral part of any home baker's arsenal, whether you're making flatbread, Italian meat pie or crushing seeds. But here's a new spin on the timeless rolling pin to ensure that the basics don't have to be so, well...basic. Rollware is a conceptual set of rolling pins laser-cut with intricate patterns for textured flatbreads, crusts, crackers.

Joanne Choueiri, Giulia Cosenza and Povilas Raskevicius, design students from Rotterdam's Piet Zwart Institute (an arts and design program at the Willem de Kooning Academy), wanted to address the issue of enhanced sustainability with plates that are actual edible, so the trio also created moulds in several sizes to cut circular plates out of the designs. With edible "plates," and amuse-bouche servers, consider how easy the clean-up would be at your next cocktail party. And they'd be a guaranteed conversation starter, too.

Low-tech meets high-design. Classic wooden rolling pins get a long overdue update.[/caption]
The set in full, complete with a regular rolling pin to flatten the dough, the laser-cut pins, and the plate-cutting pins.[/caption]
For edible dishware, the rolling pins provide two separate functions: imprinting patterns on the dough and cutting it to the size of a plate. [/caption]
All the more reason to look forward to hosting the next aperitivo hour: minimal clean-up, thanks to edible plates. [/caption]