Infographic: Hangover-Curing Foods From Around The World

Hangover. The most cringe-inducing word known to the drinking community. Its mere mention brings about ghastly memories: A pounding headache and grumbling stomach, complete with that overwhelming feeling of disorientation. Find yourself nodding along right about now? Yes, for some people this all is simply known as a "weekend routine."

One thing to take comfort in, however, is that people everywhere share your misery. From UK insurance company Confused (um, should a site that sells car insurance be encouraging hangovers?) — via FoodBeast — comes this handy infographic with signature hangover-beating dishes from around the world, as well as some general recovery tips. In case you didn't feel horrible enough already, also included are basic statistics regarding the caloric intake involved in an alcohol-filled night on the town. While I have slowly and painfully begun to believe that there is no such thing as a fool-proof cure (hey there, two-day hangovers), I say bring on that coagulated ox blood and sucking lamb intestines!

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