Is It Possible To Patent A Steak?

Vegas Strip Steak. The name itself sounds wacky enough, but that is just the beginning. From NPR comes the news that researchers at Oklahoma State University are trying to patent a type of steak, which they claim is an "unobvious chunk of meat...a little diamond surrounded by a bunch of coal," and requires a novel method for cutting it out of the carcass of the cow.

While the premise may sound somewhat outlandish, the reasoning behind the application is rather sound. By being granted a patent, the university would be able to license the entire process to big meat companies, undoubtedly securing a big payday for those involved.

Meanwhile, by publically applying for the patent, the researchers – it should be noted that they worked with an "outside expert" – have had to reveal secrets behind this once mysterious cut of beef. That's good news for all of us who have always wondered how to fabricate a steak from the subscapularis of a cow. Yes, we're a little lost at this point too. But what do you make of these attempts to patent a steak? Penny Vegas Strip Steak for your thoughts?

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