Hack Of The Day: Frozen Grapes Keep Wine Perfectly Chilled

And just as chilled wine season begins, the good folks at Lifehacker find a way to...well, hack it. Nobody likes an ice cube in their wine. It waters it down and heaven forbid your ice has that weird freezer flavor, your vino is ruined...until now! (Play stupid infomercial gif)

Simply stash red or green grapes in an airtight plastic bag in the freezer until they're solid little pellets that hurt a lot when thrown at someone. Hey, it's spring, we're fidgety. Then when the need arises to chill your wine — keep in mind that Lambrusco season is right around the corner — you have those handy frozen grapes that neither give nor take away flavor from your precious $12 magnum of Zinfandel blend. And they look cool. And they're a snack.

So dispose of those dumb water-filled plastic balls that do not make you look classy and keep your wine chilled with that from whence it came (bonus points if you match the frozen grape with the wine varietal). Don't you think that's what the wine would want?

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