You Should Follow Us On Tumblr!

Okay world, fine, we'll make a Tumblr! Twist our arms, why don'tcha? Here are five reasons you should follow us on our new Tumblr page:

  1. Far more incriminating shots of our beer can chicken shoot, never before seen on Food Republic.
  2. Korean ramen socks giveaways. Who else does that? Just us. We're the only ones giving away Korean ramen socks.
  3. The best of the best from our awesome Instagram feed. Like the potato butt.
  4. Because we find stuff like bacon Jell-O shaped like actual slabs of bacon. We don't believe in doing things half-assed, either.
  5. Recipes you actually need to know. Like gnocchi from scratch.

So hit the page, follow us and stay up-to-date with the best we have to offer in one convenient page. Wait...don't we have a website for that? Whatever, Tumblr's awesome.

And while you're at it, here are a few other ways to stay in touch: