Vietnam: 20 Food And Drink Menu Items You Need To Know. And Seek Out!

While traveling through Vietnam for two weeks with chefs (on a tour sponsored by Red Boat fish sauce) I sampled all sorts of interesting things freshly pickled and plucked. The seafood found in Phu Quoc and Hoi An? Some of the freshest you will find. The pho noodles? They were likely made that morning, if not that hour. In a country where refrigeration is limited to only the most affluent citizens, "exceptionally fresh" and "locally grown" is not marketing jargon, but the way things are done. Vietnam is a country you should visit once in your life, particularly for the food. This is for certain. But English can be very limited and ordering at restaurants (if that's what you call a tiny stand in the corner of a alley way) can be impossible. To help here's a list of 20 food items you should know for you trip to Vietnam.

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Contributing Editor Matt Rodbard was traveling around Vietnam with four American chefs. The trip was organized by our friends at Red Boat Fish Sauce.

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