Food Republic Is Heading To The Austin Food And Wine Festival. You Should Too.

Ever had a breakfast taco in Austin, Texas? Or an enchilada? Or a brisket sandwich? Or a basket of salty tortilla chips with spicy guacamole and a big-ass margarita to wash it all down? Ah, then you know that Austin is one of the best cities in America for Tex-Mex, barbecue and more. Even sushi. Yes, Austin has a place that typically leaves people shaking their heads, saying, "I can't believe I just had the best sushi of my life — in Texas." See: Uchi.

Austin is also host to one cool food and wine festival going down at the end of the month. The Austin Food & Wine Festival returns April 26-28 with a full schedule of chef tastings, classes (think Tim Love + 150 smoking grills) and an event called Rock Your Taco, which we had a great time at last year. There is all sorts of information available at: But like all food events on this planet, tickets are limited and will most certainly sell out.

And for the second year running Team Food Republic will be heading to Texas to interview chefs and food personalities at the W Austin all day on Friday, April 26. Last year we had guys like Andrew Zimmern, Tim Love and Marc Maron drop by (see the highlight reel). Stay tuned for the entire schedule, which might include some comedians from the Moontower Comedy Festival and some bands from Psych Fest. Oh yes, in between getting your food and wine on, there are great comedy and music festivals going on too. Now you really have to book your ticket.

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