Drink To Game Of Thrones With A Leather Chainmail Beer Koozie

Short of procuring an ale-horn, there are only so many ways to enjoy an authentic Game of Thrones beer-drinking experience. Ommegang's citrusy spiced Iron Throne Blonde Ale hits the nail on the head. Speaking of beer-oriented blacksmithery, ever consider zipping...uh...lacing a brew into a boiled leather and chainmail beer koozie? Cause leather craftsman DougFungus totally made one, and we're going to buy the first ones available.

This will protect your beer from:

  • Warmness
  • Sword, knife and some mace attacks
  • White Walkers (surprisingly)
  • Totally unanticipated nipple assaults

This will not protect your beer from:

  • Thieves
  • Dragons
  • Usurpation
  • Varys

So weigh the pros and cons of marking your brew a fighting brew while watching Game of Thrones this Sunday and don't say winter is coming, cause it's totally not. Find some other way to chill your beer.

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