20 Ridiculous Lunches To Celebrate April Fool's

Sometimes I read one of my own headlines and think it's an April Fool's joke — the lifeblood of the online media population for a day each year (insert fart button here). Just for the record, let it be known that I put in a suggestion to superimpose a rubber chicken on the homepage logo weeks ago. Nada.

In honor of the fields of low-hanging fruit we reap today, enjoy my most ridiculous, implausible, inane, rant-tastic and typically at least somewhat offensive What To Eat For Lunches. Not coincidentally, some of my very favorites. Today's hack of the day? Getting that rubber chicken up over that logo.

  1. Why Do Canadians Eat So Much Kraft Mac 'n Cheese?
  2. Hack Of The Day: How To Make Sea Urchin Spaghetti At The Office. Yes, Really.
  3. Cheetos Dust And Friends: The Story Of An Empty Pepper Mill
  4. The Secret Black Market Of 1990s Lunchbox Trades
  5. Meanwhile In London: Addictive Fish-Themed Indian Dubstep
  6. We're Already Planning Our 'Arrested Development' Screening Menu
  7. Two Tales Of Quesadillas Gone Awry
  8. What's The Weirdest Thing In Your Pantry
  9. How Do They Make Marbled Bread?
  10. Why Is National Panini Month In August?
  11. Hipster Food Olympics: And The Silver For Pickling Goes To...
  12. Top 10 Notes I Got In My Lunchbox
  13. Lunch In Singapore: Drunken Prawns, A Video
  14. Wrongmen Noodles: 5 Flavors Of Instant Lunch That Exist

  15. French Onion Soup: A Love Story (don't worry, it involves plenty of drunkenness and broken glass and a pool)
  16. A Non-Discriminatory 4/20 Fridge Raid
  17. Interesting: Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza
  18. Total Torta Domination!
  19. Weird Sandwiches: Lunch Of Kids
  20. Too Much Fun With Hot Dogs

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