Top Chef Adds Two New Countries To Roster

The next most exciting incarnation of Top Chef may not be in Portland or at the Jersey Shore after all. NBC Universal announced yesterday that they've sealed deals to expand the Top Chef franchise to Spain and Indonesia (NBC's first deal in Southeast Asia). Sounds like the cast just got potentially better-looking and the ingredients way more exciting.

The Spanish version will air in September on the La Sexta network and sometime late summer in Indonesia on their largest network, SCTV (the exact dates have yet to be announced, but rest assured we're on it). That makes 10 countries with their own versions of Top Chef. Brazilian Top Chef? Sexy. French Top Chef? Terrifying, and probably also very sexy. And obviously Top Chef Sweden, that's going to be a very attractive show with lots of cured fish. We'd watch that every week.

Says Dave Serwatka, VP at Bravo, "The show has created a food culture with undeniable credibility given that we've had the best of the best in the industry on our show."

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